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"There Has to Be a Better Way..."

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Our grandfather was a blacksmith and a wheelwright. So was our father. Dad had a variety of interests ranging from metalworking, to making jewelry, to the lapidary arts. He had a way of looking at a problem and figuring out simple, effective ways to tackle it.

Little wonder that the middle of his three sons—Dennis—developed a similar interest in lapidary and jewelry making.

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Dennis looked at the many ways that castellated bezels have been made over the years and thought, "there has to be a better way!". Thus, BezelEase™ was invented.

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After the tool was created, Dennis enlisted his kid brother Arthur to help get BezelEase™ into the hands of jewelry makers and aspiring metal artists.

There are some other interesting innovations in the pipeline, but for now we'd love to hear your feedback regarding BezelEase.

Please use the Contact Form to drop us a line.

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BezelEase™ is a precision tool engineered to help you quickly and easily create fancy, castellated or serrated bezels for your jewelry and crafts.

Questions? Drop us a line at or use the Contact Form. We like hearing from you.

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